Our Program


Camping is a large component of the Scouting world. It gives youth the chance to explore new worlds and new experiences. It allows the learning of new skills such as survival, and environmental stewardship that are not commonly taught today. Camping gives both youth and Scouters the opportunity to work together as a team to reach a common goal; learning, team work and most importantly, fun!


Community is very important to every Scouting group. Each year our group participates in council-wide events that give back to the community in some way. Such events include, Apple Day, Scout Trees and many others. In the past we have made an effort to go to retirement homes during the holiday season and spend time with the elderly.


The outdoors are a big deal in today's world. With the help of the Scouters, youth will learn valuable things about the environment, such as ecosystems, the plants and animals that live in them and how everything has a purpose. Youth will also learn the importance of keeping our environment healthy.


In our group we emphasize youth-led activities and planning. This builds each youth strengths in leadership while making sure that we do what the youth want. Within each section the youth are organised into smaller groups that we can do activities in. The groups are built with age and maturity levels in mind. They help the youth to gain leadership skills in smaller groups through planning where the older youth can teach the younger youth.

Creative Expression

Within our weekly meetings and other outings youth will get the opportunity to show off their creativity. We commonly do crafts, skits, songs, and other activities that show how creative our youth can be.

Scouts Canada

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